High Voltage Construction

1985 -Present

High Voltage Construction, Maintenance and Emergency Services

Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario


Owner:  Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Agricultural and Government

Consultant:  Various General Contractors and Engineering Consultants


Supply / Install / Maintain high voltage apparatus, overhead lines, underground electrical and communication services, directional boring, trenching, splicing and terminating

Pipeline Maintenance

1995 -Present

 Pipeline Maintenance

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Consultant: Various Engineering Firms

Scope: Scheduled maintenance, Equipment upgrades, Emergency repairs

Dredger Power Supply


New Dredger Power Supply

Bird’s Hill, Manitoba

Scope: Supply/Install new 12kV OH powerline for new dredger and pit

T2 Line Relocation


T2 Line Relocation

Thompson, Manitoba

Scope: Supply / Install new 12kV OH power line and substation upgrade

Southern Lights Pipeline Project


Southern Lights Pipeline Project

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Scope: Construct new substations and 66kV OH powerlines

New substations were installed at Cromer, MB, Glenboro, MB, Gretna, MB, Craik, SK, and Rowatt, SK

Electrical Distribution Upgrade


Gold Mine –Electrical Distribution Upgrade

Bisset, Manitoba

Scope: High voltage electrical distribution upgrade with new 10MVA substation

Close consultation and review between Village Enterprises and engineer services provided the owner with $500,000 savings over initial designs. Village Enterprises offers pre-project consulting services to all its customers.

Switchgear and Underground Distribution Upgrade


25kV Switchgear and Underground Distribution Upgrade

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Scope: Consult, Supply and Install new 25kV switchgear and underground cable distribution at new bulk tank farm

Temporary fusing and underground installation minimized outages and enabled mechanical and civil work to continue throughout the electrical upgrades.

North and East 5kV Generators


University of Manitoba –North and East 5kV Generators –Installation of New Underground Feeders

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Scope: Supply and Install 1100m of directional drilled underground conduit for six 5kV feeders. Install, Terminate, Test and Commission six feeders including transformers and switchgear.